Fairyland Admissions:

  1. Tour our daycare facility (Call to set an appointment)  
  2. Complete the Enrollment Application  
  3. Stop by, or mail the completed application along with a check for the applicable Registration Fee to:

    Fairyland Nursery School
    c/o Ewa Jelesnianska
    4350 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60641

  4. Upon receipt of Enrollment Application and Registration Fee you will be contacted to discuss admission options.  
  5. To secure a spot that has been offered, the first month's tuition is due within two weeks. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Registration Fee:

  1. There is a one-time registration fee of: $75 for each application. 
  2. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, if your child is accepted into the program. 
  3. If your child is placed on a waiting list, the registration fee is refundable if you cancel before a spot is offered. 
  4. If a spot is offered and declined, the registration fee is no longer refundable, but the family may choose to stay on the waiting list until another spot opens.


Email: registrations@fairylandschool.com
Tel: 773.725.1246

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